Saturday, November 27, 2004

Only Christians wanted........

I always look at what an organization believes in before I donate money to their cause. I want to know that I understand how my donation is actually going to help people and what people have to do to access that help. I'm many times surprised by what little work I have to do before I find out that what seems to be a helpful agency is actually a prothlyzing cult of Jesus Freaks. Now I'm not against religious org. helping people out. Seriously I'm not. What I'm against is when they use that help to brain wash people. Think I'm fooling do you? Well here is a couple of things to ponder, if an org. is more about helping people then it is about religion then why would it put doing Christianity as being a requirement to volunteer there? Seems to me that if they were all about helping people they wouldn't limit their pool of people resource by saying only Xtians may apply. If I can't volunteer for an org. then I'm sure not gonna give my hard earned cash to it. Think that sounds harsh? Well just so any wandering Xtians that happen to come across this don't feel to left out, I don't volunteer at places that excluding me for being a woman either. Second and you seriously may not believe me because you may have never needed the help, some of these places ask you to accept J.C before you get whatever service they are giving. Not all are like this, but they are out there. Now tell me if you are hungry and your kids are hungry and someone tells you that if you want food for you and your kids you got to accept J.C into your heart and raise your kids as Xtians you aren't gonna do it? Your just gonna let your kids die of hunger rather then get some food and a little J.C in your life? Yea right, then you ain't been hungry enough to know that you will do ANYTHING to not be hungry like that again. So what I guess I'm saying is there are some good things to give to out there this X-mas season (if your like celebrating that kind of thing) but seriously look at who you are giving to. Make sure that it something that you really believe in all the way. Hey I'm for kids getting food to, but I'm even more for their parents learning about birth control so there aren't as many kids to feed, no Xtian grp is gonna do that.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Choosing a Child free status

Choosing to be CF (child free) has never been an easy choice for me, it becomes harder as I grow older and most of my friends either have kids, or are trying to have kids. Most people I know that are CF are not so by choice, but had problems that made it hard to have kids so then they decided not to. Which is not the same at all as being pretty sure that your fertile and spending lots of time trying not to get preg. until your hubby does the blessed event of getting fixed. Just as people think that it is somehow ok to touch a preg. woman's belly w/o permission, people seem to think that questioning you about why you don't have kids is a good conversation opener. It usually goes something like this:

Them: "you don't have kids? Why not?'
Me: "I don't want them"
Them: "why not? you'd be a great parent"
Me: "I donno I just don't"
Them: "oh well, you should have them anyways. You don't want to wait tell it's to late"
Me: "I think it's already to late"
Them: "how old are you? No no that's not to late at all"
Me: "My husband got fixed"
Them: "oh, I guess you really don't want to have kids?"
Me: "yep, no kids"
Them: "well you could always adopt"
Me: "Errr I guess I could......but....."
Them: "oh yea you'll love an adopted kid just like your own"
Me: "Ahh I'm sure I would.... but.... really I don't want kids"

I sometimes feel like I'm missing something in the conversation. Like somehow me not wanting to be a parent makes me less then human. I'm sure that if G*D saw fit to put a child in my care that I could adequately raise that child, but seriously the more I read these blogs about people who love their adopted children and who are desperate to have kids the more it makes me feel that I'd do better to give the child to someone else.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

The mormans came to visit

I always like the mormans for an Xtian. The only reliegion to have to flee the U.S Army they refuse to let go of some of their most sacrad belief's and moved to Utah where they faced many trials and hardships as the land in Utah isn't what you would call good land. Also they have great comercials, things that say stuff like "hey be nice to people". When I was a child I wished all my classmates would be mormans so they'd be nice to me (baptist didn't preach being nice to anyone). I like the Quakers a little bit better for Xtians as they don't tend to prothlize or have comercials but out on the west coast there just aren't a whole heck of a lot of Quakers. Back to the young mormans, they could not have been more then 17 at most which made me think, either their parents really believed G*D was gonna protect them or they did. Because although I live in an ok neighborhood...... it's not, well I wouldn't think it was "safe". I mean I didn't open my door for these kids I just opened my window and talked to them, I wouldn't open my front door for anyone I didn't know. So I just looked at these kids and thought, either they are really couragouse or blindly stupid and so are their parents. I don't usually feel bad for the blind stupid fantics but these kids just looked so young and doing a dumb thing like knocking on strangers doors that I personally just prayed (to a G*D of my understanding) that they got home safe. Which if you think about it was sort of the point of their visit, tho' they might not have thought about it that way, which was to get me to connect to G*D that night, I just think they probably wouldn't have agreed on my version of G*D.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Marrige and all that stuff

Now I was just talking to a catholic friend of mine the other day and she had run across this thing by some bishop dude that was saying how they should encourage marriage ( I believe he met between a man and a woman) because he felt that marriage was under some pressure. In other words that people were feeling it was ok to not get married at all, ever. Also he talked about how people felt it was ok to get a divorce.

Now my first thought was, of course people are living a hell of a lot longer and there isn't as much of a need to marry when you are 13 because you aren't gonna die when you are 25.

My second thought some time later is how hypocritical of a church that doesn't allow anyone above a parishioner to get married talk about people getting married.... of course they can come back with the whole "well they are married to G*D" stuff but that just isn't the same thing, for one thing G*D's fertility rate is really bad, one pregnancy out of millions of husbands and wives, maybe he should get his sperm checked. The point is that a priest (and up) in the Catholic Church has consciously decide not to marry a human being, how can he possibly look down on others for making the same choice?

Now another lady made a point that Birth control made it easy for people to have sex and therefore they didn't have to get married to have sex. Now I hate to break it to this lady but no one has ever needed to be married in all of history to have sex. Sex is as easy and as hard as it has always been. The only difference now is that we are pretty sure that when a 13 yr old says G*D made her preg. that she is lying and now people don't get sick from bad magic but from things like AIDS and untreated syphilis. The fact is that we don't have the static going back in history. They can compare teen preg. from 10-20 yrs ago to now, but 100 to 150 yrs ago getting married at 13-14 wasn't that unusual, heck in some countries it still isn't (actually I hear rumors about Kentucky but.....). Birth control has helped many people both young and not so young not take on burdens that they either don't want or are not ready for. In a world that is already beginning to be burden with over population and with there being plenty of unwanted children out there I just don't get this ladies point. Besides how many people get married just so they can have a baby........... and are any of they happily married?

I don't know why people do or don't get married. I don't know why anyone would care. Talk about it being no ones business. I get so confused by these people as they are same people who told me that because SF was allowing gay marriages to happen the sanctity of my marriage was threaten. I'm still waiting to see the threat. While gay people got married less the 15 miles away from me, my husband and I went to work, came home, watched TV, made love, and cuddled, we didn't feel a damn thing except for happiness that some people were getting to celebrate their love for one another

Sunday, November 14, 2004

The consitution is not the bible and the bible is not the consitution

What I mean to say is that the constitution was written by men. It was not handed down by some G*D but made and agreed to by some very intelligent people. Because they were people there are things that they didn’t think about, technogy they could not foresee, and a world that they could not know. Heck my grandmother was still fascinated by getting to own her own refrigerator in the house. So changing the constitution is not some evil act. The truth is that back when these people were making the constitution they couldn’t possibly think of a technogy that would allow for a functioning government that was a true democracy. That’s why they came up with a republic, an electoral college, ect. But now the technogy does exist, and there are many countries that do have a true democracy a system where there are more then 2 parties that get to make decisions. These countries sometimes have problems, sure, but if you think that we are problem free you’re insane. So the bottom line is I don’t think the constitution is sacred, I think it is wrong sometimes in some places and that’s ok because it is suppose to change and grow with us.

The other part of what I mean is that your scared text be it the bible, Koran, writing on a wall, whatever is just fine as a way for you to conduct yourself, but it is not a government document and should not be used to run any government. In fact if you look at governments that are run by some kind of sacred text you will find some pretty scary governments that do things like support the inquisition and send little children to fight in holy wars and believe in slavery of both women and anyone who isn’t one of “them”. So history and currant affairs have just led me to believe that the best way for you to practice your religion is at home/church and not in Congress. See congress is made for men, therefore it should be run by documents made by man, you, you were made by some higher power which you may call G*D and you can be run by whatever sacred text you want to.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Guns are not "fun"

at least in my opinion. They might be useful, nessacary, our right under the consistution but not "fun". I handle deadly chemicals on an almost daily baises, not to mention I drive just about every day. Both of these have the risk of one day killing me, I don't think of them as "fun". I know there are people out there that think driving really fast and weaving in and out of traffic is a blast, but I sort of think they are slightly crazy too. Maybe I'm just to old, maybe when this guy was speaking I just didn't get it. But it rubbed me the wrong way. After all I seriously beleive in gun ownership. My family always had a gun in the house after all the men were police officers. It wasn't even in a lock box but in a dirty shoe box in an unlocked closet, and no one shot themselves or their classmates, heck I never even thought about it and I was not what you would call a stable teenager. There is nothing wrong with owning a gun IMHO any more then there is in owning a car or a kitchen knife. And while you could point out that a kitchen cheif might call welding the right knife "fun" it just sounds a great deal diffrent from a gun owner. I think I might feel the same chill if an archer or a samira was speaking of welding his wepeon as
"fun" and I guess that is the diffrence, once you are a gun owner you are a warrior by virtue of owning that type of wepeon, therefore I'd rather hear you speak with respect, honer, intellgence, I'd like to know that you understand that you might kill someone with that "fun" toy. Come to think about it I'd like to hear more of that from car owners too.

I don't hate SUV's

I've not posted in a while mostly because I've been pretty busy. And then I was going to post this very thought that I'm about to elaborate on and ended miscommunicating with Chasmyn and swore off writing anything until it passed. Sometimes it is better to speak in silence.

So actually what brings me to this post is the all these so called wanna be environmentalist going off on SUV's. IT STUNS me to no end. This is like the PETA people going off on Research animal testing while 40 million dogs and cats are euthanized every year in shelters. Here is the thing people, SUV's are people's way of getting around easier, most of the people work darn hard for their money and they want to be able to drive around their 2 children and their child's playmate and the car-seats that they are forced to sit in until they are like 8 now without feeling like they are in a 2 person elevator with 15 people in it. It's not evil it's convenient and even you like convenient. BUT I'm willing to bet that most of you SUV haters out there don't say hate that 1966 8 cylinder mustangs which burns more fuel then any SUV or how about that old 1977 Ford truck? How about those old LeBarons, or the outrage of at a 1968 VW Bus? Ok, well so old cars/vans are ok but seriously your concerned about the fuel, so you didn't fly to your last vacation did you? You only by from the grocery store foods that are locally grown? Purchase that sofa, washing machine, food processor of a local manufacture? See all that takes diesel fuel to bring to your local place of business, ummm mighty convenient for you. BUT I'm sure that you do other things, like try and get all apt buildings and business retro fitted with alternative energy so that 30 to 60% of their use is using alternative sources like sun/wind/water. Oh and surely you are insisting that all new housing is a) reusing land not building on virgin land b) is fitted with alternative source energy c) is only being built with materials manufacture in local areas? So before people start throwing eggs at my little 2 door 4 cylinder 1998 RAV you better start taking care of things that really do burn a lot of fuel. Stop the airlines from flying people just because they wanna see someone, and the trains and the buses, stop shipping stuff all over the place and live from what is in your own town (for instance coffee isn't grown in the USA it's just not) oh yeah and stop using so much plastic. Another alternative? Next time you want to lecture a mom about her SUV you offer to take the kids on the bus and do her grocery shopping for the week with them, get every one home and fed and washed up and put to bed and do it again the next day.