Sunday, November 14, 2004

The consitution is not the bible and the bible is not the consitution

What I mean to say is that the constitution was written by men. It was not handed down by some G*D but made and agreed to by some very intelligent people. Because they were people there are things that they didn’t think about, technogy they could not foresee, and a world that they could not know. Heck my grandmother was still fascinated by getting to own her own refrigerator in the house. So changing the constitution is not some evil act. The truth is that back when these people were making the constitution they couldn’t possibly think of a technogy that would allow for a functioning government that was a true democracy. That’s why they came up with a republic, an electoral college, ect. But now the technogy does exist, and there are many countries that do have a true democracy a system where there are more then 2 parties that get to make decisions. These countries sometimes have problems, sure, but if you think that we are problem free you’re insane. So the bottom line is I don’t think the constitution is sacred, I think it is wrong sometimes in some places and that’s ok because it is suppose to change and grow with us.

The other part of what I mean is that your scared text be it the bible, Koran, writing on a wall, whatever is just fine as a way for you to conduct yourself, but it is not a government document and should not be used to run any government. In fact if you look at governments that are run by some kind of sacred text you will find some pretty scary governments that do things like support the inquisition and send little children to fight in holy wars and believe in slavery of both women and anyone who isn’t one of “them”. So history and currant affairs have just led me to believe that the best way for you to practice your religion is at home/church and not in Congress. See congress is made for men, therefore it should be run by documents made by man, you, you were made by some higher power which you may call G*D and you can be run by whatever sacred text you want to.


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