Saturday, October 16, 2004

and like it matters any ways

As some of you know, at one time I had a diffrent view of gay people then I do now. I thought that I was opened minded because I really didn't care what people did in the bedroom and I pretty much thought it was none of my business who you decided to love. What I failed to relieze was that my apathy to any gay issues allowed prejudgism to enter my mind. It happened when the right winged people began to blur the line between pedfilia and gay men and the issue of adoption. It wasn't that I thought that all gay men were pedfiles, it was much much bigger then that, it was that I couldn't imagn a man wanting to take care of a child unless there was something, er, wrong with him. Most men I had known avoided pregnacy like the plague, and if they had gotten a girl pregnate then she was left to take care of the problem as she saw fit. If any contact was kept it was thru' the courts and money was attached to it somehow. It's easy to see how I might have formed some very messed up views on the entire issue and once formed not really revisited until someone really confronted me and made me take a look at how screwed up I was. I now knew lots of men, both gay and otherwise, who were wonderful fathers or who could be wonderful parents, people who I would leave my own kids with. Infact I'd say now (considering where I live) I probably know more gay people that I would leave my kids with then straight. What this has accomplished is someone who at one time didn't really care one way or the other about gay rights becoming very sensitive to it.

To get back to the subject, when I hear people going over the arguement, again about weither being gay is a choice or not it really pisses me off. I realize that to relgiouse people the choice question matters because if it was a choice or a sickness then there might be some cure. Yep a cure, then we could all be alike.......AS IF that would be something that you'd want to cure. There are just 3 points that I'd like to make about all that 1) If people can find happiness in one another, good, we need more happy people, not people making themselve insane by trying to be like someone else 2) If you want to find a cure for something how about something that actually kills people like cancer, Hep C, or hey how about war 3) I find fantic's to be far more offensive then peoples public display of affection, when we can teach fantic's to leave their religions at home and not bomb, shoot, or talk politic's and yet retain their tax exsempt statis then we can talk about public displays of affection, in the mean time I say I want to kiss a girl in front of the white house and think everyone should join me. I say lets have a kiss out. :)


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