Saturday, October 16, 2004

It's good to be loved

This week I've had an over abundance of love being given to me. From everyone. I feel so good from this that I'm just about to burst. My hubby is almost always giving love out, with cuddles and good coffee, I tend to take it for grant sometimes, but when he comes home with 1lbs of chocolate (the kind that I CAN eat), well that is special. Then my new friend in CA. we've been bonding like crazy. I haven't had a new friend in sooo long that I feel like I'm back in HS (and I LIKE it this time around). Then my father calls up and we have this whole bonding session, which to tell the truth has been a long time coming. I think he was almost in tears, I know I was in tears. To add to all this happiness the hubby also scores big grades on all of his test, if things work out he's looking at being a straight A student. Life is good and it is good to be loved. I hope you all out in blog land are feeling as loved as I am this week. Hugs to you all.