Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Scale

I bought my first scale when I began to diet for the gastric bypass surgery. Prior to that I never owned one because it was just to depressing to watch my wieght go up and up. Today I use my scale to moniter my wieght loss. Not as a good thing but as a sign of danger. Much like a dibetic will test their blood suger several times a day, I get on the scale to see if I'm dangerously low. Lose to much weight between 9 am and 6pm and I know I've not been drinking enough water. See my body no longer tells me when I'm thirsty, twice I've been in hosipital with side effects of sever dehydration. Nice, not. I can within a day lose up to 12lbs. , I assume that is atleast 6lbs of water. How do I come to this conclusion? It's easy I drink water the wieght comes back. This method of moniter my water intake has done wonders, no more kidney infection, or strange pains aching from inside. It also helps with fatigue and headaches although they never completly go away. Of course it also means that I pee......... all the time, expecially at night when I relieze that I haven't drank enough water durning the day and spend the rest of night drink water until I'm full waiting until I'm not full then drinking again. So you can see that the scale has become a very useful thing, but it is also a scary thing. I get on with some trepation, I'm no longer happy to see the scale going down, not just for the water thing which is bad enough, but also because there is this thought inside my head that I'm just wasting away. How do I judge real wieght loss with water weight loss, well, if I weight myself 3 days in a row and the wieght loss stays then it is a "real" loss. If it stays over the next week then so far it is a perment loss. Weight comes off in chunks, I never lose a pound it always comes off in 5 or 6lbs chunks. I don't know where it goes. I don't understand fat cells well enough, but if some kid was gonna ask me I'd say it vaperizes into air, via my farts. Because one of the worse side effects is my terrible awful farts. Yep I smell like some posinious sulfer pit of doom. Not all the time. But when it starts, man they smell bad even to me.
well gotta go folk smelly farts and all.


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