Monday, October 11, 2004

Before and After Pictures

This first one is about a month or so before surgery. I was about 324 lbs. Yes, that is my hubby right behind the fat girl!

This second one is about six months or so out. I'm about 210-200 here. My hair started falling out, which isn't unusual. I had to stay inside all summer because of complications and risk of infection, so I'm pretty white. (Well, I'm always white, but I'm reallllly white here.)

This one is ten months out. I'm at about 160-150 here, in a size 12. Fortunately, here is where I stopped losing weight so fast. I cut my hair short and it stopped falling out.

And I'm at 126 in this one.


Anonymous chasmyn said...

Man, you look SOOOOO different! I don't think if I saw you in a crowd I'd recognise you...until I heard you speak. You're even bony!

11:44 PM  

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