Monday, October 11, 2004

A diffrent me

I've decided to start another blog because the old one didn't fit anymore. Well not much in my life does fit any more. I had a gastric bypass operation and 186lbs got up and walked away. I didn't excerise, I didn't stick to their diet (well I did at first but soon learned that your body tells you what to eat and not to and if you don't listen you get pretty sick), I have gone from a size 28 to a size 4. Nothing is the same. The worlds view of me has changed me. Almost dieing because of complications of the surgery has changed me. Being forced to do very hard drugs because of almost dieing and then not doing them when I didn't need them anymore changed me.

So a 20 things about me:

1. I'm married. My husband married me when I was 250lbs. He likes big women so the change has been hard. He is getting to enjoy it now as some of the ummmmm positions that I can get into seem to be rather impressive.
2. We have been married for 7yrs in May.
3. We have been together for 9yrs on Thankgiving.
4. We slept together before our first date.
5. I'm still in love with him
6. I'm 33 but will this month turn 34. My husband had to tell me this because I can't keep anything to do with time straight.
7. I only have a High School Ed. but I work for a fortunte 500 co. and no I'm not the jantior.
8. My husband only has a High School Ed. too but is now back in school to get a law degree.
9. On my way up the ladder there were days when I stood on my feet lifting heavy objects in a room with temp was over 90 for atleast 12 hrs and did not get paid over time. The skin on my feet began to peel, crack, bleed, and hurt so bad that I would cry but I kept come back.
10. I still make under 50k a year and probably will con't to for most of my working life unless I go back to school. But I don't stand in hot rooms for 12hrs anymore so I'm happy.
11. I still hate school. I'm dislexic and I like to use that as an excuse for not going back.
12. We decided not to have kids.
13. I think I'm sad about that.
14. I'm scared to cross the street on foot. I was hit by a car when I was 15 and I just never got ok with it.
15. I'm also scared of bugs, but they've never really done anything to me.
16. My biggest secret dream is to walk into a store (any store even walgreens or Autozone) and buy what I like without having to check how much it cost.
17. I believe in G*D.I don't believe in Jesus, or any other religious stuff. But I find the tradition surrounding religion fasinating . I like talking to religious and spritual leaders even when I strongly disagree with them or their followers.
18. I'm born in CA. but lived in MO. for much of my teen life. I have traveled to Israel and lived in NJ and PA. I'm currently back in CA. My accent is a mishmash of the places I've lived. I do the warsh and go to Warshington, I also walk on the seament and drive thru' the frog. It can be either ya'll or yous and it is both soda and pop but never coke.
19. I beleive in loyalty above all else except for morality. I learned this the hard way.
20. If I could change one thing about me I would be a better speller.

I can't get the spell check to work, and I don't know how to post pictures although I've tried before. I'd like to make a blog roll and have lots of tibits about myself here in blog land but I'm not sure how to do that either. Maybe I will figure it out by the time ya'll are reading this.
So that's it for today folks. Be good to yourself.