Thursday, October 14, 2004

So what is this blog thing

I've told various people that I now have a blog. While most of my friends in other states know what a blog is a few people do not. So if you've come to this blog and you are still scratching your head saying I don't get it, I suggest you do two things frist off go up to the left coner and click on the blog sign this will take you to the blog home page and you can read what blog has to say about blogging. Then you can come back here and go to the right hand corner where it says "next blog" and it will give you some random blogs to view. Some are very cool, some are in french and spanish, some are just odd. You can also run a search on blog, so go on up there and type in Kerry or stem cell reaserch or any of your other favorite subjects and see what others have to say on the subject. All in all blogging and other sites like it are about free speech and free press. Basicly I get to write and say what I like, how I like it, and it gets published here in blog land. Heck I can now do a google search on my name "achromic" and find this blog. Pretty darn cool. As usual tho' I suggest believing what you read at your own risk, just because people say it is so doesn't mean that it is.


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