Wednesday, October 13, 2004

What I did today

Today I joined a very pretigous group of people. A club of people that I've always admired and wanted to belong to. The don't care what religion I am, or how much money I make. They do care what race I am, but in a differnt way then most, all they really wanted was my blood. What club is this? It is the NMDT (National Marrow Doner Program). It was pretty darn easy to get in too. I had to fill out some stuff and then they pricked my finger with needle and doted my blood across a paper. This will give them enough of my gentic material to see if I match anyone and I stay in the data base until I'm 61. They might ask for marrow or PBSC (some kind of blood stem cell). If I match someone I could save someone's life. Very cool. What is even cooler is that my workplace made it easy to do by setting up a place and time to do it and I got to do with a friend, and anything that you can do with a friend is that much better. Life is very good today. Peace out.


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