Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Then there are days.........

There are days when it is hard to be kind. Days when the wearness wash's over me and I just don't feel like I can stay inside my skin any longer. When petty jelousy and eveny are more my friends then anything good. I get tired of being a good person. Today I started the day as a good person who was thinking about doing good work. By the end of the day the person cutting me off in traffic deserved to die. (I swear they are all trying to kill me on the road!) However eatting fruit makes me happy and turns me back into a good person. As a former fatty I did not eat a lot of fruit. After all if I was gonna take in caloires then why waste it on fruit? And heck by the time I was hungry enough to eat something with high calories in it that I didn't give a damn what it was I was in 7-11 or Wawa (for those east coasters). But now there is very little in those joints that I want to eat, instead I want fruit. No not some rolled up suger coated thing that is suppose to taste like fruit, no, the real stuff that was grown..... on a plant .........then harvested....... hopefully grown by some organic farmer person. Of course, fruit is getting mighty expensive now, they want get this 8$+ for blackberry's (now there is something I'd like to hear Bush or Kerry talk about). So I'm trying the frozen ones. I got to figure something out before winter truely hits. One good thing is that crab season is really begining...... and crab may not make me quiet as happy as fruit but it's up there.


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