Saturday, November 13, 2004

I don't hate SUV's

I've not posted in a while mostly because I've been pretty busy. And then I was going to post this very thought that I'm about to elaborate on and ended miscommunicating with Chasmyn and swore off writing anything until it passed. Sometimes it is better to speak in silence.

So actually what brings me to this post is the all these so called wanna be environmentalist going off on SUV's. IT STUNS me to no end. This is like the PETA people going off on Research animal testing while 40 million dogs and cats are euthanized every year in shelters. Here is the thing people, SUV's are people's way of getting around easier, most of the people work darn hard for their money and they want to be able to drive around their 2 children and their child's playmate and the car-seats that they are forced to sit in until they are like 8 now without feeling like they are in a 2 person elevator with 15 people in it. It's not evil it's convenient and even you like convenient. BUT I'm willing to bet that most of you SUV haters out there don't say hate that 1966 8 cylinder mustangs which burns more fuel then any SUV or how about that old 1977 Ford truck? How about those old LeBarons, or the outrage of at a 1968 VW Bus? Ok, well so old cars/vans are ok but seriously your concerned about the fuel, so you didn't fly to your last vacation did you? You only by from the grocery store foods that are locally grown? Purchase that sofa, washing machine, food processor of a local manufacture? See all that takes diesel fuel to bring to your local place of business, ummm mighty convenient for you. BUT I'm sure that you do other things, like try and get all apt buildings and business retro fitted with alternative energy so that 30 to 60% of their use is using alternative sources like sun/wind/water. Oh and surely you are insisting that all new housing is a) reusing land not building on virgin land b) is fitted with alternative source energy c) is only being built with materials manufacture in local areas? So before people start throwing eggs at my little 2 door 4 cylinder 1998 RAV you better start taking care of things that really do burn a lot of fuel. Stop the airlines from flying people just because they wanna see someone, and the trains and the buses, stop shipping stuff all over the place and live from what is in your own town (for instance coffee isn't grown in the USA it's just not) oh yeah and stop using so much plastic. Another alternative? Next time you want to lecture a mom about her SUV you offer to take the kids on the bus and do her grocery shopping for the week with them, get every one home and fed and washed up and put to bed and do it again the next day.


Blogger chasmyn said...

There are these nifty vehicles called minivans. They don't burn as much fuel and they aren't built like tanks so that anyone who has an accident with one of them will be instantly killed.

A RAV is not an SUV.

And yes, I do fight for all of those things. I DO oppose new development, I DO want alternative sources of energy to be used. I try as much as I can to shop in co-ops that have locally-grown food. I don't use "regular" laundry detergent or any other soap products because they are petroleum-based. I buy glass instead of plastic.

A 1968 VW bus has 4 cylinders. Yes, I do abhor ANY 8 cylinder vehicle - you forgot Corvettes - and disapprove of their fuel usage. And if they made SUVs with hydrogen fuel cells and made them smaller, like they originally were? Yeah, I'd stop having such a problem with them.

But not the Suburbans, the Expeditions, all the giant ones and ESPECIALLY, ESPECIALLY the Hummers. Those are completel;y unnecessary in every way.

10:36 AM  
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