Saturday, October 23, 2004

Why I hate politcians

So my fathers wife (a good person!) sent me a magazine called Vegetarian times, not because I'm a vegetarian (after the gastric bypass it would be very difficult to be one and it is not recommended) but because I've found a new love of veggies and fruits and things that are natural. This is a great gift as prior to now I've never really learned to do much cooking with veggies AND because my hubby is interested in doing more with soy products. This mag. however doesn't limit itself to just handing out recipes but also talking about other things that are environmentally interesting. One of it's articles discuss the fact that schools are spraying pesticides all over the schools without any/much concern about where that pesticide is getting on to. I mean sure they probably aren't intentionally spraying down the desk and toys and paper products in the schools but this stuff is usually aerosolized stuff. (aerosolized aer·o·sol n 1.a small container holding a substance that can be dispensed under pressure by a propellant as a spray. Also called air spray 2.a substance held in a small container from which it can be dispensed under pressure by a propellant as a spray. Also called air spray 3.a suspension of solid or liquid particles in a gaseous medium ) Which means that any wind or air movement can blow this stuff just about anywhere. The smaller the particles the further they can go. How many kids do you know that do things like touch their desk and then insert their finger into their mouth? Yea, well if you don't know any then you probably don't know any kids. Think about this, most of the the spraying for roaches is done near/in the lunch room. DO you think they are cleaning off the tables sufficiently? are you sure? What is sufficiently for your kid, how well does the surface of the table absorb the pesticide? Hey I hate bugs probably more then most people but if you think about it, the roaches are far less deadly then the pesticide. I may be CF by choice (that's childfree for those that don't know) but that doesn't mean that I think this is ok to do this in schools, caring about kids doesn't require having one. So who can you contact to help yourself be heard and learn more about the subject, here ya go: