Saturday, October 30, 2004


I'm not the smartest person on the earth. I admit this freely. BUT I don't think I'm all that stupid either. So what is with the daylight savings thing? I mean do we really need this? I think it's a twice a year April fools joke. I know the history of it, I get that somehow people are not smart enough to say "oh look the sun comes out later and goes down earlier in the winter so we need to adjust when we go to work/school/play ect." No they need a law in each state that has this to tell them what to do. AZ is right on the money, they chose a time and stuck to it, and so far they have not fallen off the face of the earth. Maybe the people in AZ are smarter then the rest of us, or they are just unique but either way they have survived with a "no daylight savings zone" without the hand of G*D coming down and sweeping them away. You know there are enough things in life that mess with your head, I don't need people to mess with time as well. BUT it's sort of like taxes, rebellion isn't gonna get you anywhere.


Blogger chasmyn said...

I agree, DST needs to be done away with once and for all. After all, we have electricity now, we don't need it anymore.

3:35 PM  
Blogger Spike said...

Thanks for dropping by the blog, and for your encouraging words.

Re: Daylight Savings Time--People THINK I moved to Arizona to get away from the snow, but actually . . .

DST made great sense for an semi-agricultural society where you had business folks who could use one more hour of daylight during established work hours (as opposed to the farmers who were up at o'dark thirty anyway.) I wonder how much time is actually lost due to workers having to reset their body clocks twice a year; and fumbling around getting ready for work at an hour the body insists is still naptime.

11:30 AM  
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