Thursday, November 18, 2004

Marrige and all that stuff

Now I was just talking to a catholic friend of mine the other day and she had run across this thing by some bishop dude that was saying how they should encourage marriage ( I believe he met between a man and a woman) because he felt that marriage was under some pressure. In other words that people were feeling it was ok to not get married at all, ever. Also he talked about how people felt it was ok to get a divorce.

Now my first thought was, of course people are living a hell of a lot longer and there isn't as much of a need to marry when you are 13 because you aren't gonna die when you are 25.

My second thought some time later is how hypocritical of a church that doesn't allow anyone above a parishioner to get married talk about people getting married.... of course they can come back with the whole "well they are married to G*D" stuff but that just isn't the same thing, for one thing G*D's fertility rate is really bad, one pregnancy out of millions of husbands and wives, maybe he should get his sperm checked. The point is that a priest (and up) in the Catholic Church has consciously decide not to marry a human being, how can he possibly look down on others for making the same choice?

Now another lady made a point that Birth control made it easy for people to have sex and therefore they didn't have to get married to have sex. Now I hate to break it to this lady but no one has ever needed to be married in all of history to have sex. Sex is as easy and as hard as it has always been. The only difference now is that we are pretty sure that when a 13 yr old says G*D made her preg. that she is lying and now people don't get sick from bad magic but from things like AIDS and untreated syphilis. The fact is that we don't have the static going back in history. They can compare teen preg. from 10-20 yrs ago to now, but 100 to 150 yrs ago getting married at 13-14 wasn't that unusual, heck in some countries it still isn't (actually I hear rumors about Kentucky but.....). Birth control has helped many people both young and not so young not take on burdens that they either don't want or are not ready for. In a world that is already beginning to be burden with over population and with there being plenty of unwanted children out there I just don't get this ladies point. Besides how many people get married just so they can have a baby........... and are any of they happily married?

I don't know why people do or don't get married. I don't know why anyone would care. Talk about it being no ones business. I get so confused by these people as they are same people who told me that because SF was allowing gay marriages to happen the sanctity of my marriage was threaten. I'm still waiting to see the threat. While gay people got married less the 15 miles away from me, my husband and I went to work, came home, watched TV, made love, and cuddled, we didn't feel a damn thing except for happiness that some people were getting to celebrate their love for one another


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