Friday, August 11, 2006

There isn't much I like about censoring

But I am finding the commerials for the 9-11 movie hard to take. It is more then I just don't want to see it.... it makes me sick like puking sick. I don't know why. At the time it was stunning and horrifying but I had def. been around horrifying before........But it has grown in my mind perhaps because we are still at war and the wars in the middle east seem to grow worse each year that passes. Perhaps it is because I belive in my heart of hearts that it maybe the begining of the end and I am still so very scared of what the end will look like. It has certianly only made my intolarance to fantics of any type worse....... and deepened my distrust of christianty as I really view it as their war. Some of you may say how can you say it is the xtians war? well unlike us here in the USA SOME people don't forget and the pope started a war with the muslims a LONG long LONG time ago and they are still at war..... it never ended...... only settled down for a bit. And the roots of what happened lay there. Yes some ppl hate us for more recent crimes of which there are many but in truth they are not much worse then most countries do when they are the ones in power. But many ppl were fed the hate of the xtains for genration after genration for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Any who........ The commercial really bugs me....... somethings are still to raw. I certianly won't go see it. I don't need to. I remember it in vived detail. My spouse was at the airport ..... he called as I was getting up and rdy for work he said " I am ok" and I said "why wouldn't you be?' and then he told me and then he listened while I turned on the TV because I didn't belive him...... I never do about bad news .. I donno why...... maybe because most of the time he only has happy good things to tell me so to hear stuff that is truely awful is double shocking. I still had to work because animals need food and water and clean places no matter if a building is falling and ppl are dieing. Today we heard that the bombers were found before they did anything bad......... I am so happy that we did........ but also sad that we are still hated enough for them to want to. If anything we are hated even more now then we were. I wish all people that wanted to fight about their religion and or their believes about what is right for thier neighbor would just get beamed up to the moon and those of us that just want to enjoy what is here and what has been created could do just that.


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Anonymous Cindy said...


The popes only pushed back the muslims from lands that were Christian before being overrun by muslims. As with any armed conflict, there are unfortunate casualties and unintended abuses, which should always be condemned. If it were not for the crusades, the entire world would be under Sharia law today.

The hate of Islamists is for all who are not muslim.

I'm truly sorry you have experienced so much pain at the hands of those who call themselves Christians.

I love my God and I love my faith, and this love compels and enables me to love you and everyone else as well. I can't impose my worldview on anyone. I can only share it. Anyone is free to accept or reject it.


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Blogger Naaman said...

Cindy: Amen. I think you might be exaggerating your claim about us all living under Shari'a law ... but I agree with the rest of your comment.

Achromic: Yeah, I'm a bit ambivalent about the 9/11 movies myself. I don't think we really need any movies to remind us of 9/11. No American who was alive and aware on 9/11 will ever forget that day. I truly believe that 9/11/2001 will become a day for my generation (I'm 32) like JFK's assassination was for my parents or Pearl Harbor for the WW2 generation. These are all iconic events that sear themselves into our consciousness.

I don't need a movie to remember 9/11. Especially, I don't need an Oliver Stone movie.... :-P

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Blogger Granny said...

I look at that movie as I do so many "reality" movies. A cynical attempt to cash in on tragedy.

So I'm not about to line the pockets of those who do it.

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Anonymous Jeanette1ca said...

Cindy, Naaman, you might want to glance at a history of the Crusades, that glorious era of Christian brutality, second only to the Inquisition in its ability to make the rest of us nervous about any attempt to reinstate a christ based theocracy.

Achromic, love, you really cannot continue to blame the christians for EVERYTHING. After all, the arabs and jews were killing each other long before the christians poked their theology into the middle east.

I think we should roundup everyone, muslim, christian, jew, pagan, serial killer, etc. who believes he/she has a right to kill another person for any reason except self-defense. Drop them on an island in the middle of nowhere, and let them "convert" the heck out of each other! No I am not serious, but jeese, don't you wish there were some SIMPLE answers to the mess we are in?

Oh, right, that's the problem in the first place. People trying to find simple answers, like just kill everyone who disagrees with you. It's so human....and it so. does. not. work.

I'm going back to trying to integrate the new cat into the family - it's easier than thinking about this stuff.

Love, Mom

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Blogger achromic said...

Cindy.... there was nothing ok about the crusades abslutly nothing. And as far as I know Xtians have not done anything tragic to me personally except for telling me that mom was going to hell when I was 9. My prejudice against them stems from what they are doing to me politcally and who they are hurting with their hate of gays, sex, as well as their racial prejudices (no matter which race their church happens to be). I don't like Xtian because it wants ME to do things I don't belive in for reasons that don't accept. I wouldn't like it if it was any other religion it just happens in this country it is Xtians.

Naamen I think it is already like that..... or maybe more. I donno. My grandparents always seemed more upset over watergate then they did of Peral Harbor.... the diffrence was betrayl they felt that deep to their bones. As for JFK.... yes I think it is like that a bit. I don't know why our genration...... I don't know how we made so many people hate us so throughly nor do I see any way to combat such a deep hatred.

Mom. Of course I can blame the Xtains for everything it is all their fault. Much much easier then blaming human failings of which as far as I know there is no cure for. Pfft if you think getting those cat's to agree is easier then the middle east I donno......

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Anonymous Cindy said...

Oh Achromic,

I'm sure the Spanish are very grateful for the crusades. If not for the crusades, instead of being secular and irreligious as they are now, they'd be muslim.

Christians are not supposed to hate anyone. We do not hate sex. We love sex. We love each person and want them to be fully man or fully woman as God created them to be. We hate the exploitation of persons and the exploitation of sex.

Anyone who hates another person for any reason, is not behaving as a Christian.

Humanity is fallen. I hate to think of what kind of person I would be if I was not Christian. I know what evil could come from my heart without the Grace of God.

The more Christian I become, the more I love all people. I don't condone sinful behavior, but I don't judge the person either.

There is a cure for human failings, but I know you won't accept that answer.

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Blogger achromic said...

Cindy if your answer worked then the ppl that laied claim to Xtainty would not be off starting wars and killing people. It isn't that I won't accept it..... I did for a long time..... it is that I found that Xtainty didn't make people any better or worse then any other people. Some good some bad but it DID give the bad people a way of manpulating the good people into doing bad things.... and that has indeed caused a good deal of anomosity from me.

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Blogger achromic said...

Oh and Cindy everyone judges..... or do you find yourself loving child molseter, rapist and people that fly planes into buildings?

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