Saturday, November 25, 2006

11 yrs for my hubby and I

Oh our wedding anniversy is sometime in the spring. But we met on Thanksgiving really when he asked me out of the blue to help feed all the people who couldn't go home for thanksgiving ...... and I just never left. I thought about it a million times because quite honsetly I am not the type of girl that is good for anyone in the long run, but J. eased my mind and made it easy to stay. I am with the best person I could possible be with. I am so happy to know him.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A new post WHOA.....

I know I know I have not posted in a while. But my life was really pretty boring while I worked on the "inner" me. The doctors are now calling it adjustment disorder with depression cuz I simply refuse to accept the condition I am in. Actually tho my conditioin has been steadly improving. Which I got to see in full force yesterday as I went WILD and CRAZY by accepting another bloggers invitation to go to Costco. Let me just say right now L from Homesick Home
is so nice that if you ever get invited to go anywhere where she is you should get your boots on and go. Her lil boy was with us....... can I just say this kid was SO cute and good! OMG he was SO good. For me it was the first time out with someone not my family in....... ummmm........ a year? More? Me who use to be so madly independant can barely go to the store, but yesterday I did and it was good. I just need to keep doing this kind of stuff I have stayed hidden for too long and it isn't doing me or my family any good.