Sunday, November 21, 2004

The mormans came to visit

I always like the mormans for an Xtian. The only reliegion to have to flee the U.S Army they refuse to let go of some of their most sacrad belief's and moved to Utah where they faced many trials and hardships as the land in Utah isn't what you would call good land. Also they have great comercials, things that say stuff like "hey be nice to people". When I was a child I wished all my classmates would be mormans so they'd be nice to me (baptist didn't preach being nice to anyone). I like the Quakers a little bit better for Xtians as they don't tend to prothlize or have comercials but out on the west coast there just aren't a whole heck of a lot of Quakers. Back to the young mormans, they could not have been more then 17 at most which made me think, either their parents really believed G*D was gonna protect them or they did. Because although I live in an ok neighborhood...... it's not, well I wouldn't think it was "safe". I mean I didn't open my door for these kids I just opened my window and talked to them, I wouldn't open my front door for anyone I didn't know. So I just looked at these kids and thought, either they are really couragouse or blindly stupid and so are their parents. I don't usually feel bad for the blind stupid fantics but these kids just looked so young and doing a dumb thing like knocking on strangers doors that I personally just prayed (to a G*D of my understanding) that they got home safe. Which if you think about it was sort of the point of their visit, tho' they might not have thought about it that way, which was to get me to connect to G*D that night, I just think they probably wouldn't have agreed on my version of G*D.


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