Friday, November 26, 2004

Choosing a Child free status

Choosing to be CF (child free) has never been an easy choice for me, it becomes harder as I grow older and most of my friends either have kids, or are trying to have kids. Most people I know that are CF are not so by choice, but had problems that made it hard to have kids so then they decided not to. Which is not the same at all as being pretty sure that your fertile and spending lots of time trying not to get preg. until your hubby does the blessed event of getting fixed. Just as people think that it is somehow ok to touch a preg. woman's belly w/o permission, people seem to think that questioning you about why you don't have kids is a good conversation opener. It usually goes something like this:

Them: "you don't have kids? Why not?'
Me: "I don't want them"
Them: "why not? you'd be a great parent"
Me: "I donno I just don't"
Them: "oh well, you should have them anyways. You don't want to wait tell it's to late"
Me: "I think it's already to late"
Them: "how old are you? No no that's not to late at all"
Me: "My husband got fixed"
Them: "oh, I guess you really don't want to have kids?"
Me: "yep, no kids"
Them: "well you could always adopt"
Me: "Errr I guess I could......but....."
Them: "oh yea you'll love an adopted kid just like your own"
Me: "Ahh I'm sure I would.... but.... really I don't want kids"

I sometimes feel like I'm missing something in the conversation. Like somehow me not wanting to be a parent makes me less then human. I'm sure that if G*D saw fit to put a child in my care that I could adequately raise that child, but seriously the more I read these blogs about people who love their adopted children and who are desperate to have kids the more it makes me feel that I'd do better to give the child to someone else.