Friday, January 13, 2006

Better....... wow a LOT better........

Ok ok it is morning and J. isn't awake yet so I havn't told anyone except for I
I would tell call everyone and sing a larg song of wonder and joy but I am afraid of jinxing it. SO what happen we get to the doctors with our LONG LONG list of questions ... after all once we got you we are gonna pour out every ounce of worry and doubt upon you. She put me on a vegatable based laxtive (I just KNEW you wanted to know) and talked about some other laxetive but I think I am gonna tell her that if the veggie one doesn't work I donna really want the side effects from the other ones. And we said what happens when this goes out again? and she said I don't know..... honset of her ... not very comforting but ok. Then it was time and J. BOOKED out of the room like lighting. I took off my shirt laied on a table and the needle that was as BIG as G*d's hand came down and it HURT ALOT and then it was numb. And me and her went and talked some more because she DIDN'T look at my records and THOUGHT she could just perscribe me any old antinflamatory........ and I started to say no I couldn't take that and no I couldn't take this

Things I cannot take:
Ibprofren in any shape or form
Naprixion in any shape or form
Sulfa or sulfates

Most of those are from the Gastric Bypass....... and when your ARE thinking about the surgery here is what that means .... ANY and ALL drugs that might help things like Arthritis or BONE pain at all you cannot take. Tho' some of you will be able to talk the sulfa's that I cannot of course those have a higher risk of heartattck and stroke. OH and one more thing... NO oral steroids NONE. Because after a Gastric Bypass you are at higer risk for stomach ulcars.... so you cannot take these things....... yes in an emergency if you were given them you wouldn't die but nothing on a reglur bases. Excpet for the sufla/sufates which I am just extremly allergic to which in all honsety should have been a red flag for the gastric bypass people and they should have told me NO....... but they want the money so they don't follow their job. No I have opiates...... which don't TOUCH bone pain which is why even tho' I have been stoned off my ass I have still been in pain. So she starts to freak out.......... she has nothing to prescribe me, there is nothing she can do except do more and more blocks and up when we are gonna do the zyphoid manpulations. Because see.......... the block is a steroid and I can HAVE them injected (it bypasses the stomach wall) but there are HUGE problems with long term steriod use...... as I am sure you know. So I am faceing a monster......... and I maybe faceing MORE opaite use not less tho' she saw how stoned I was and was very against giving me more. Last night I felt bad....... I maybe having an allgeric reaction because it felt like my musle was swelling and I couldn't breath right...... I was alittle worried but it was not feeling as bad as it sounds when I write it.

BUT BUT BUT I WOKE UP TODAY IN NO PAIN>>>>>>>>>>>>> NO PAIN>>>>>>>> NONE>>>>>> NONE AT ALL>>>>>> I PUT OFF TAKING MY MEDS JUST TO MAKE SURE AND THERE WAS NO PAIN (tho I took them before I started detoxing because I am NOT stupid).


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Blogger Gawdessness said...

Keeping the hope up here, so glad to hear it!

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Blogger L. said...

I really, really, REALLY hope this is sustainable!

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