Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A list of gratitude

Ok we are focusing on the positive today. For a couple of reason... J. is busy and cannot be my comfort blanket all day today, second because I am determined not to fall down the depression void where no light can enter... just not gonna happen. I may not be able to control everything that is going on physically but I can and will do something about how I am handling what is going on. This list is not in order of importance (hehehehe):

1) The rent is paid we can live in our space for another month and I think we can pay next month too!
2) There are two lovely (if loud and talkative) cats that inhabit our house with us making this into a home
3) I have a great husband that loves me sooooooooooooooo much and is everything and more then I could have asked for.
4)My mom and my aunt have been totally supportive and have been there for me the whole way.
5)I have made friends on the net that are good people and keeps me from being totally closed off from society and makes me feel like I am less stuck in the house.
6) I am getting better....... it isn't at the speed I had in mind but I am actually improving each time I see a doctor.
7)I have health insurance....... at this point the bills would be far beyond me or anyone I know.
8)I have food in the fridge and the electric is on. (but my furnace is not working and I need to call)
9)I have all my fingers and toes and I can use all my body parts tho' sometimes it really hurts to.
10) Clean water I have clean water, which in some part of the world is a really really big deal.

whew that was tough..... I know there is more and more but it can be hard to make these list when you are feeling overwhelmed which is the whole point. I feel better now. I did something it was good. Ok now I can take on the day.


Blogger Gawdessness said...

What a good idea!
Something I should take more time to do myself.
You are inspirational and I am so glad that you are getting better. I would like it to be faster but just happy to hear that it is moving.

7:27 AM  
Blogger cebii said...

Good Job!!
one step at a time.

10:56 AM  
Anonymous chasmyn said...

Your list is inspiring. Love to you.

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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