Saturday, October 08, 2005

We are such geeks

So there are like a million things that I needed to do today to prepare for the surgery right? And both J. and I are scared to death and stressed about how this is all gonna turn out. SO of course we are gonna fight and I say to him the beginning of the day "hey hun I know we are gonna fight I will try and keep it civil if you do?" and so when we fight do you know what we fight about? Go on guess..... bills?no time? no housework? no........ ummm the relevance of Shakespeare in English lit.? YES! how did you guess? I kid you not. LOL fortunately we did stay relatively civil (as usually he always is, it is me that real has that problem). BTW I was saying it was and he was saying it was not, just incase you really wanted to know. SO funny and I just had to share it. Now you know why all of our friends think we are the weird family but awful nice... because believe it or not this is actually a regular fight that we have... yes the one about Shakespeare........ and LOL when is the last time you fought with your spouse about that?? Right.... and all of our fights are like that. We will rant and rave about applying the first amendment, BIG HUGE fights about that... LOL... and oo all sorts of things. What is the funniest thing you guys have ever fought with someone about?


Blogger Lionmom said...

The only recurring fight we ever have is over the Confederate Flag. It was included in her high school's mascot which was (and still is) the Rebel. Here in TX it was seen as a symbol of regional pride. In CA, it was seen as a symbol of oppression and racism.

It makes me CRAZY and LIVID that she is not bothered by it. She is so liberal and logical and it just doesn't make sense that she doesn't have a problem with something that is equivalent to the swastika and the n-word in my book.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Lionmom said...

PS Good luck on the surgery! I hope, hope, hope it helps!!!! I think a fight about Shakespeare is a smart distraction.

9:30 AM  
Blogger achromic said...

Oooo yes I know that fight Lionmom. J. and I don't have it but I have had it with many. Crazy as it sounds, yep I'm usually on the side Cebi. However, when my SIL tried to pull that arguement and hung that flag outside of her house because "NJ was actually south of the mason/dixion line so they were actually from the south" I refused to go over and I have not actually seen them since. They knew better then that, they insulted in my eyes every single person of nonwhite heritage in NJ. They did not choose this as a symbol of con'ting the fight against the powers that be but because they hate anyone diffrent and they wanted to give warning that none of "those" people should come on their property. And I refuse to break bread with anyone that is supporting that idea.

Thank you for shareing your story with me Lionmom, both right now and on your own blog. I have been so happy to get to know S, E, and Kaia. All 3 sound like such powerful personalities I'm glad you showed up to give them some love. I know you don't do what you do to be a hero, or out of some weird martyer type thing, but in my eyes I have been getting to know some mighty find heros of late. People like you who carry goodness as if it was nothing at all.

10:52 AM  

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