Saturday, October 08, 2005

I have 3 nipples!

LOL well.......... at least that is one of the wired things that my surgeon told me the other day. I never noticed I just thought it was a mole and I'm sure everyone else did to but she pointed it out while doing a breast exam that no, it was a third nipple. HA! Well, that was more information then you wanted to know I'm sure. (and now I just notice that I made it sound like I've shown a lot more booby then I actually ever have) Two post back to back about boobies! Sure to up my hits on goggle!

Which is the perfect time to start my political rants and ravings! I start you off with this article here:

Does religion correlate with social dysfunction?

I of course immediately want to say YES! but that would be the quick answer biased on my own prejudices. I think when you really look at this study what you will find is that when you mix religion with certain charismatic leaders and combine that with the idea that sin is unlawful that is when you begin with dangerous problems. When a society decides that the government is also in charge of social engineering and taking care of it's young that is begins a corruption of power. The power to speak with G*ds voice has always been an elixir that the politicains have sought that does not make religion in and of itself a bad thing. What makes religion dangerous is that it is so often used by people as a way for them to stop thinking. Yes it is. AND it is understandable, when you are the rat race of surviving it is easy to want that clear path to G*d, to want to know that you have been heard, to be reassured and comforted, and if in return that means that you have to support someone else so that you can live your life the way you want to? well at first this seems like a small price to pay. The greater part of a pop. does not want to work on their relationship with G*d, they want someone else to do it. That person who spends their time on the relationship with G*d is then suppose to guild their people to him, much like an explore will return to his people with a path to safety. King David wrote "the lord is my Shepard I shall not want" in one of the most famous verses of Psalms. I do not think this was a call for us to act like sheep! If I was gonna point out the one thing that I thought all the religous books and materials I have read had in commen it was a plea for us to do our own work in our relationship with G*d. To not trust those who say they have had visions or heard from G*d but to seek out some sort of spritualty within ourselves to reach out to that something out there. And when you are busy doing this you will find little time to judge others actions and you will see that laws can be compassionate but that justice will always be carpicaous for it is not a higher power but only human thing.


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and it will apperntly up my spam rader. I know I could turn on the spam protection gear, but I don't want to due to being stubborn. I hate logging on to leave notes to people so I just can't make myself do it to my own blog. SO... it will probably be spam central here.... free spam until I get around to taking out the trash! LOL.

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Erm. I think.
I may even be a little jealous, I only have two!
You really are entitled to the breast calendar for sure!

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