Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I swear all I did was sneeze

and my intestine started to pop out. Yep the little hernia that the doctor saw ummm like 2 wks ago... it is much bigger now. It felt like a big piece of glass push up thru my gut into my chest and out of my skin. Nice. I know I need to call the doctor. We are on it. J. up my meds after we fought alittle bit about it. It wasn't that he didn't want me to take more, it is just that it is hard for me to find a time to call my doctor here at work with any amount of privacy so I tend not to and he didn't want to give me more without knowing it was really ok and I was just in pain and hurting and I'm not very reasonable when I'm like that.


Blogger Gawdessness said...

I have had some minor trouble with hernia stuff and I really feel for you.
A lot.
It isn't nice any of it.
Sending the positive, hopeful, healthy and pain free thoughts your way.

8:57 PM  
Anonymous chasmyn said...

Shit, honey, I'm so so sad for you that this just keeps going on and on and on.

8:33 PM  
Anonymous jeanette1ca said...

Between your chest and my back, I really think we ought to stop sneezing!

Well, this is good - not good that you are in pain, but good that it finally showed up enough that the doctor could figure out what was happening. I was kind of expecting this, after L said you were seeing wierd things in the shower, but always hopeful.

Disability has nothing to do with poverty, and taking disability leave will NOT make you lose your job. In fact it ensures they have to keep a job open for you until you get back. They can fire you the next day, but they can't do a thing while you are on leave. So get a hold of your HR person, and find out who really knows their long-term disability plan and make friends with that person so you get the right information on what to fill out and when. Remember, you went though all this when you had the first surgery, and it's a piss, but you can do it.

If and when the long-term disability runs out, then we'll worry about the next step. After all, there's always the cat room upstairs, and L can cook up enough spaggetti sauce to feed even your hubby! Not sure where we would put the amps, but what I'm saying is you aren't alone in this. You never have been - even when you are in your most "isolationist" moods.

Yes, you are much better at giving help then receiving it, but it's also a mitsvah to let someone help you - to give them the opportunity to do a mitsvah for you! I'm totally blown away by this whole blogging community you and chasmyn have introduced me to. These are some nice people, good-hearted people, and it comforts me to know they are sending good thoughts, prayers, and love to you.

You are my very most special wonderful daughter and you deserve to have a great, painfree, happy life. I'm pretty pissed that the universe hasn't figured this out and keeps putting you through all this crap. But until that changes, please just hang on and keep doing one little step forward to get yourself through this latest crisis.

Sending you lots of love and cat kisses - Mom

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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