Friday, August 26, 2005

What G*d won't do

It is interesting to me how many people are willing to believe that G*d will indeed give you anything if you just ask in the right way. I remember one time someone asking me about my dyslexic:

T: Donncha think that G*d Jesus Christ Our Lord can remove your dyslexic?
ME: He might be able to but he won't
T: Sure he will. You just gotta pray about it.
ME: Ummm I did pray, lots of time about it
T: Did you ask in Jesus' name
ME: Yes, I was a S. Baptist of course I did
T: Well you must have been holding something back child because I'm tellin' you he will relieve the sufferin' of the people who pray to him.

At this point I always got to back away before I become completely violent (not a side of myself that I like or approve of but it is still there). I know the way many many people do that G*d will not remove the suffer of someone just because you pray about it. He will not save a loved one, he will not cure mental illness, he/she/it doesn't answer millions and millions of peoples prayers every single day. And I don't think that just because so and so got "cured" after he prayed that somehow G*d choose him to be special and deserving more so then someone else that was praying or being prayed over. People do some stupid things when they are told and they believe that G*d could and should cure someone or themselves of what ever is wrong.... like not give insulin to a diabetic. There are about a million consequences to believing that G*d could and will, and in my opinion a vast majority of them are detrimental to your health.

When I was a child and they learned that I would have learning problem, that I would never be a doctor, I would always find school hard, math in particular.... they prayed. When I learned later (much) that I had a learning problem that I was not stupid, I thanked G*d because it was something that I could do something about. (but I still prayed not to have it) There is nothing so awful to someone that is going thru a hard time to hear that if you just prayed that maybe if your special enough that G*d will fix it but if you don't do it "right" or your not "special" enough then too bad. I don't think that G*d works like that. I donno much but everything I do "know" about G*d says that praying right or being special doesn't have anything to do with living, dieing, or quality of life.


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Blogger achromic said...

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Blogger Gawdessness said...

Loved this post!
Been spending a lot of years working on the idea that I just learn in a different way than other people do.

Never been crazy about God as Sugar Daddy idea.

8:29 AM  
Blogger Naaman said...

Posted my own thoughts on my blog:

Short answer: Your friend suffered from bad theology. God is not a vending machine. He answers every prayer, but sometimes the answer is "No".

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Lee Anne said...

I agree with you and Naaman - God is not a vending machine. I had someone tell me that the reason I had cancer was because I was not right with God. I laughed! I had cancer because I had cancer. I did not pray to get better, although my husband did! He could not tolerate the thought that I would die and leave him with three boys to raise!

I am better, but guess what? I am going to die one day - yep, not a one of us gets out of here alive - so the deal is, God can and does work miracles, but it has to be in His Will - not ours...for His ways are not our ways.

I enjoy your blog...blessings -

5:18 PM  
Anonymous cluttergirl said...

Absolutely amen to this entry! I am not a christian, i am an agnostic (I don't believe any humans can know how we got here or even understand it quite frankly)... but I have seen this attitude so much. There was an excellent opinion piece in the newspaper written by the very good Christian mother of a little girl whose body was found raped and murdered after being missing for weeks a couple of years ago. Now she was writing this article because recently there was another little girl, whose very good Christian mother was saying it was because they prayed to God so much and had so much help praying to God that THEIR little girl who went missing for several weeks was found alive (though mistreated). The first mother said she hated hearing people say that... "God has answered our prayers, he has brought our little girl back alive. Thanks to all those who prayed for us. He heard your prayers". She said what did that mean? That all HER prayers and all the people who prayed so hard for HER little girl to be brought back alive were NOT heard by God? That God answered the 2nd mother's prayers and saved her daughter, but ignored the first mother's prayers and let her 5 yr old daughter go through days of kidnapping, rape and being murdered? Why? Were they saying that her prayers weren't good enough? That she didn't believe enough? Or that God didn't care but the 2nd little girl was more special or loved of god? It was a very insightful and heartbreaking article. And always to think of in times like the Katrina hurricane... when you say "God saved me: God loves me!!!" does that mean he didn't save the person next to you who drowned? Or whose baby drowned? Good questions. I like that you are compassionate and think a lot.

2:00 AM  
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