Saturday, July 16, 2005

I still read Newsweek

I admit that my spouse with his 24/7 love of news has made the mag. sort of pointless in my house because usually the stuff they have chosen to write about is long been discussed, fought about, and greatly debated, far more in-depth before the mag ever gets in my home. Besides that there are very few contributor to the mag that are actually worth reading. But every once in awhile there is something and this week there were two somethings. First there was a little article in the front part about a lollipop that taste like pot. Yessiribob POT, now the lollipop did not contain any pot, or any THC or any other active narcotic ingredient.... For those of you that have never partaken of pot (are there really people out there that have never done that).... pot does not taste particularly good. SO why am I harping on this.... ummm because we are gonna waste taxpayer money to ban the sale of a lollipop that doesn't taste good and contains ummm nothing. Because people are offended. We got a war going on... we got a supreme court placement which may change the face of america, we got problems in our prisons, in our social services, and we don't know what we are gonna do when we run out of oil.... but we got to spend money on a banning a lollipop who's novelty would probably have worn off if everyone had just ignored it??? Come on people.

Next thing that Newsweek had was in the very back they usually have someone like George Will write something up like he did this week. Now usually I'm not such a George Will fan... LOL .... as probably some of you can guess. BUT this week he was talking about something close to my heart. He was talking about a book that was written by a conservative on how we treat animals that are being raised for food. He was saying that most of the time conservatives don't like to look at this subject because they don't want to see animals as being valued enough to cost money to care for. He said that many Judo-christians don't see animal life as important, but then he went on to say how it was and how it did fit in with those values. YAYAYA. It is true that caring for lives we are taking to feed us would cost a lot more. I do understand that. But, here in america, we got food. I mean I'm sorry folks, but we got so much food it is making us sick. We throw it away, it is worthless to us (which aggravates me because I know good an well that there are some who are still in need of it). Personally I'm for it costing more if it really and truly means that we are giving a compassionate life to the animal and a merciful death when it comes time. I'm just not for them saying that is why they are raising the price and then it isn't true. I think that before we make more laws about the compassionate care of farm animals we need to make sure that the agency in charge of that has the ability to regulate it.... and I think that would fall under the USDA.....Which would be a problem. The USDA is under a lot of fire these days both in trying to keep terrorist out of our food supply and keeping things like Mad Cow Disease from becoming a reality for thousands of americans (which by some reports it already is). This agency is already far far far in over it's head. Under budgeted for inspectors per facility it has had to make compromises that are pretty scary. Yet... I mean if you are gonna have to inspect both cattle and research facilities hundreds if not thousands of miles away from your home I mean dudes, I would want to be paid some good cash for that. This is not a minim pay job you know? The knowledge of animals must be either at the veterinary lvl or darn close... which means years of school and/or experience. And people with that kind of knowledge are greatly desired people.... by people who can pay more then the USDA. BUT HEY you know what I can see why we need to pay lobbyist to stop pot lollipops...... I can see why I would waste my tax payer money to keep lawmakers in session over lollipops..... lollipops are REALLY important.


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