Sunday, October 09, 2005

an idea to share

Nothing I write is copywrited nor is this idea of mine. If you can make it work great and if you want to call it yours fine, I don't care, if you can make a slight profite off of it, you go for it.

Here is the thing that I've been thinking about, I play this game made by blizzard called World of Warcraft. One of the cool things about it is that it is on line real time gaming communty. I love it. I love the people I met there. While I've been sick they have given me much love and support. It has been so cool to have a charater that can get up and walk, run, jump, play when I could not. I got to join Guild of likeminded people to play with, we share intrest and support each other and teach each other new things. The other night I was thinking...... there are all these sick kids in childrens wards all over. What if there was something that could be made like this for them? It would have to be more child friendly of course and be more mondrated to keep sickos out. But it could offer such fun and joy to kids that have nothing.... sometimes more then nothing. It could be run like something between Halo and WOW but be for kids. It could have lvl's according to age that only a doctor or parent could put in. It could have quest, and adventures, but also allow for chating and talking. It could be something that was limited only for these kids. A psychologist could maybe offer some idea's on things that would/could help certian age groups. I donno, I don't have much strength to actually do anything with this idea so I wanted to give it to you my bloggers, even if you don't have any idea with what to do with it, if you talk to someone else about it and they talk to someone else about it......... maybe someone who can and does have the knowlegde and power can do something and then those kids would have something good and that is all that I care about. The thought that we could connect these kids up to each other is one that I think has great merit not to mention the joy of adventureing together.... I can't give them the abitly to ride a bike or go out and play..... but maybe someone out there can make them feel like they are doing it, if only for alittle bit.


Blogger Gawdessness said...

that is such a great idea!

5:09 PM  
Anonymous Lee Anne said...

A - you are always so good with your thinking...outside the box, within the box when need be. What a gift you are to us.

Praying for you and for a successful surgery...I will be there with you in spirit. You'll be asleep the whole time - go figure - everyone else will be stressed out and you'll be snoozing through it!

On the other hand - one of your comments was the religion made people stop thinking. I am a deeply spiritual person who also thinks that it is important for me to GO to CHURCH! Why? Not because I need to be told what to think, but to honor God who created me. I have had locutions - two of them - blew my socks off...but it did not stop me from attending Mass.

Does the Church tell me what to think? No - I think on my own quite well, I think! What I do know is that I listen and learn from the Church and from you...

Don't worry about not sleeping tonight - you'll sleep plenty tomorrow!

God Bless you, dear Achromic. Sweet surgery dreams!

7:06 PM  
Blogger achromic said...

Spritualty doesn't stop you from thinking, religion does. I think that you seek G*d Lee Ann, not wait for him to be handed to you. I realize that my statments were to broad...... I know plently of people that claim religion that do try and find G*d. But I believe that they do this inspite of religion not because of it. Sometimes this country is like watching a roit.... sure some people walk away but others just get caught up in the insanity and you don't end up talking about all the people that walked away instead you focus on the maddness that capture some of the people and the damage that they caused.

I just wish more people would stop looking in a book or to preist/pature/rabie/clerk to help them find G*d but instead look into the sunsets, stars, oceans and into ourselves.

9:12 PM  
Blogger Heartless_ said...

Toon Town Online is a good example of a child oriented game. I saw it in play at the hospital where my aunt goes for cancer treatment in Chicago.

There was a group of children huddled around the computer telling the kid playing what to do. Some were patients... others were kids just visiting left in the care of the child center.

Out of curiousty I just watched over their shoulders. Quite interesting indeed.

Turns out the intern that worked the child care center was an avid MMO fan and had suggested it since there was a computer available to play it. Guess it is a hit.

12:38 AM  
Blogger achromic said...

Yea heartless!!! it is something that I know kids would enjoy! And it could be used in so many ways. I freind of mine's brother had a serious brain trama and they used video games to help is brain and hands learn to work together again. But the abitilty is there to make games soooo much more and to even twick it to be theriputic as well as fun. So much potinal. And these kids desever more then some gamer does, more then I do. We so need to give to them. I wonder if we couldn't convince some of the big wig comuptuer people to put some time and resource out there for this along with a co. like blizzard or halo creative force .... I mean what happens when you combine Larry Elison with Halo and ask them to come up with something? Heck it has got to be good because those people have never even heard the word faliure, lol they just might invent a cure while they are at it, you never know. I sure hope someone hears this.... I mean Lego has some great games and so does Disney.... but trust me WOW has some conspets that could really be something wonderful.

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Lee Anne said...

A- this is a post operative post...I am sure you are groggy and out of it right now and that your surgery went as expected. You will feel better soon...

To answer you - yes, I do seek God, but why do you think that those who attend Church or Synagogue do not? Those who attend do not seek God to be handed to them on a platter - they are hungry and they can go to the bible, God's love letter to us, to seek God. They can also seek him in nature - who can look upon nature and not see God? Not I.

Here is something from a friend of mine, which speaks to this I will paste it in...

"From the Garden of Eden to the present day, man and woman have been captivated by God's good and beautiful creations. He created things to point back to Himself (Romans 1: 20; Wisdom 13: 5). Many are unable to get past the beauty of creation to find God the Creator, and so they worship and serve the creature (Romans 1: 25). IN Western society, the human body is worshipped. "Images representing mortal man" and woman (Roman 1: 23) are worshipped instead of God. Billboards, TV shows, movies, and fashion advertisements, among others, glorify the fairness of the human body (Wisdom
13: 7). As a result, many are "distracted by what they see" (Wisdom 13: 7) and forget God, Who created all human bodies."

John has written more eloquently than I ever could. All things point to God, Achromic...even you!

Praying for your uneventful recovery! Blessings -

4:48 PM  

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