Saturday, April 02, 2005

Guess that wasn't an April fools joke

So they have scheduled me for the nifty cool ultrasound wave to go thru my body and get the stone. Only it won't be for another 2 wks. But that's ok because I stopped pissing blood and I'm not in pain....... right! Fucking Right??????? Because if I'm in pain then I can go get the laser beam stuck into my kidney and be out for 2 weeks...... I'm not in any pain .... I feel fine Right????? Only yesterday, I started to piss blood and I hurt like hell. Today isn't so bad...... I'm gonna hold out... I mean we know what it is now and the boulder that is in there isn't going any where because it is HUGE at 8.5 millimeters (well apparently for a stone that's like 10 mile meteor headed for earth). It happens to be a calcium stone, and we know that because it not only showed up on the CAT scan but also on a simple X-ray. This is bad because of course the new meds that they can give some people, well they don't work on this type of stone. Sigh, whimper, sigh, I'm fine......... next life I'm gonna be rich or a cat or a rich cat, yep and no one will give me hell about being fat and there will only be good food and lots of sleep.