Monday, March 21, 2005

If I don't go to the midwest, it comes to me

Yessiribob, that tornado that hit CA was only a couple of blocks from my house. Those streets you see all fucked up? They are part of my drive to work. Good news tho' I didn't even know about it because I was on the road to my mom's and missed out being scared out of my mind (my experance with tornados is that you can hear them when they are that close, sounds like a train from Zesue comeing to take you the Mt.) I didn't even hear about it at my mom's because we didn't turn on the news. The people out here are so funny, because we don't get tornados (only this is like the 3-4th on in the past 7 yrs), the news people kept looking at the footage saying "wow that looks like a tornado. I think that might be a tornade" I looked at the footage and you could see the most perfect shaped funnel cloud (my idea of beauty LOL ) and was like "yep that's a MF tornado".


Blogger Shylah said...

Yeah, I get a laugh out of the locals' reactions to tornadoes, too. Those ones that appeared a few weeks ago.. they were CATEGORY ZERO, and entire cities were flipping out. Maybe I'm just jaded because I'm from Tennessee, where a Category Zero tornado is just a plain ol' thunderstorm.

11:48 AM  
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