Saturday, March 05, 2005

It is almost time to plant red tulips

and so I will repost this (it was posted on another blog from a long time ago) it is as valid a post now as it was before.

Waiting for America

I'm waiting for America to happen. The Dream that I was sold in school. That somehow even tho' we are surround by corruption and torn apart by self-hate, that underneath we are hero's. That the corporations that can't give its bottom workers a living wage, will pull thru' during trouble times and give enough (despite their greed) to keep our country and people safe. That a media that is founded on cheap shots and drunk with power will dig down deep enough to tell us the truth.....and yet intelligence enough to keep its mouth shut on matters of national security. Millions of citizens, green card holders, non-citizens, and me, are holding our breath to see if good will win over evil. Most of us are not even sure what that will look like. Most of the time I just feel afraid for my country, for this world.

I cannot imagine a way out of this trouble time. I cannot foresee, what good can come out of these wars, this economical disrest. I fear for everyone I know who is different, for every parent's child that is too bright, for everyone who cannot or will not conform. I think often of the Dutch who opposed Germany even while they were over run. I will plant red tulips this year, and maybe a few will remember and understand.


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