Friday, March 04, 2005

I am what I am

Mars born and bred
Seeking peace on a thorny bed
Curled in a drafty corner
With a throw of purple nettles
Sliver face and furrowed brow
Love to hate in my slumber

Smell the sweetness of the sage?
Bother me with nameless change
Give me blood, rivers of pain
Glory in the dead land waste

Gluttony and Famine
Pestilence and Greed
Friends of mine that that serve to eat
Whispered paranoid beliefs
Of fanatics and those of apathy

Sweat that gleams of swift poison
Arms of swords and tongue of passion
Eyes made of light, breast of temptation
Hear my feet stomp for the thunder?

Oh War I cry for you
Faithful I will never be
Mar's child born and bred
I struggle for a different path
Red glow in green eyes I have
But there inside me is something stronger yet


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