Saturday, February 26, 2005

Time out

I'm in a time out. So if you aren't hearing from me it's because this is what I need to do.

So humming in the corner or on the stairs or where ever your time outs are spent... there be me:


Thin and stripped
bleach bone dry
Cut from the center to the thigh
Blue skinned fingers
Crusty eyes
Yellow lips and bloodless sighs

Whispered raven screams
Breaking thru' the endless plea's
Where in all of heaven's needs
Is the damn morphine?

and for laughs

A thief came to visit today
rummaging for my leftover chicken wings

Oh he created such a mess!

My masked thief...
What a pest

and my darker side

My love if you were taken from me
I would not eat I would not rest
Standing on the ground
Where the wind stole your dust
I would not shiver in the cold
Nor drink from the rain
But let the sun and time
Chew me in their rabid jaw