Sunday, January 16, 2005

Of which I do too much

My family has celebrated this almost all my life but I hadn't quiet given it a name until this year when my father called up and said "you don't celebrate Xmas but sometimes we get gifts." It was then that I said "well we celebrate random days of giving between Dec. and Feb." Which is really more "When achromic gets her pay together and can afford to buy something then I will gladly exchange gifts" Because I like giving gifts. I do. And I don't need some regilouse meaning to want to do it. It is always a money thing. Not that we are poor but we are what I would call almost middle class (you don't get to be middle class IMO until you CAN buy a house, you don't have to buy one but you have to qualify to buy one). BUT I digress, the point is Mon. is my families day of giving, being from multipul relgious backgrounds I'm gonna bring up my new name for it and see if it flys. BUT this means that I have to go to the mall. Now around here we have lots and lots of malls, but the one closest to me is shut down. The other one only has one store in it that I want to go to. BUT the one that I hate, the one that makes me sick everytime I go in has a Target attached to it, and I needed to go to the Target. I was pretty apperhensive in going because there is something about this mall that spokes me bad and I get physically very very ill there. I decided to go anyways and immedatly started feeling the mass disorintention and the massive illness. Still I was there and I was gonna get my shit, right? I mean you would do the same right? JFC what like I don't know I'm sick...... I crawl out of there 2 hrs later with J. gift and some other stuff. I drink some water I go and get coffee. I come home, and decide I'm fine, fine enough to dye my hair and clean the kitchen (as in scrub the sink, stove and walls up to the ceiling) and now I hurt ..... not bad like sharp pain, just like hurt in the dull achy way that just seems to be getting worse and worse. I suck at being sick I just suck at it.


Blogger Milenka said...

Hey you! How are you doing today? If I recall correctly, didn't you have a doctor appointment sometime today? Just wondering how you're feeling, really. I'm wishing you the very best surgery vibes, too.

OMG, the box of clothes arrived today! Thank you so very, very much. I think my favorite thing in there is the pair of SJB baby blue capris, but I have this mental block about ever being able to wear a size 12! ;-) I adore the grey, blue and purple pj pants, too. I had all 3 pair in a size 3x, and I was pretty bummed when I had to get rid of them.

Also, thanks for the heads up on junior clothing sizes! I definitely will steer clear of those until I'm able to try them on! :-)

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