Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I like vampires (the new pick up line)

So one of my dearest friends out here in CA got me a gift cert. for B & N (Barnes and Noble). So today I got to get to the b & N store and I figure J. can go over to Tower which is right next door. First things is first when I get to the bookstore I look up the sex section because now that (oh nevermind I just gotta get somethin') :) so I get that book first. Then I go up to the sci-fi section of the store, and everyone knows I'm not shy so the book is like sitting there out in the open and all. So this kid, I mean he has to be only 19 although he is Asian and it can be hard for me to judge his age, starts asking me about books. Books that have to do with movies, and being the sci-fi freak that I am I just start talking away. Then he says "I really like vampires, you know like interview with a vampire" and then looks at the book I'm holding...... (the book I was holding did not have anything to do with vampires or Ann Rice) . Suddenly I get the picture, and I say in my kindest voice " oh is this for a book report? because it's probably better to steer clear of vampires if you're doing a report for school" I swear I can see the boys penis begin to shrivel I then say nicely as possible " My husband ought to be here soon, what did you say your name was..." I was not trying to be mean, I really hope I didn't hurt his feelings too much but OMG, did he really think that was gonna get him somewhere? I pointed out the newest vampire series that I was aware of, picked out my Kim Stanley book and then my DH arrived on cue, and the kid had disappeared into the myst. I think I'm flattered, I mean it was weird but the kid didn't have pimples and was actually sort of cute if your into jail bait (god I hope he was legal otherwise I'm gonna hurl).


Blogger chasmyn said...

That's so cute!

2:29 PM  
Blogger Milenka said...

Aww, I wanna get hit on by a barely-legal stud! ;-)

Meanwhile, can I be insanely jealous of your B&N? The only bookstore around here is a Mom&Pop operation, and they didn't even have my new Sherrilyn Kenyon book today. I was bitter and wishing for a larger bookstore. At least they had the latest Laurell K Hamilton anthology, I guess. *sigh*

7:13 PM  
Blogger achromic said...

I can't imagin not having dozens of bookstores around, I'm begining to feel for you. Frist the table feasco and now you tell me there is no B & N.......I'm not moving to hey excatly what is your states letters anyways? Are you sure your actually part of the union? :) just kidding you. Actually a part of my family comes from a part of MO that was stuned when Buger King decided to open a shop there and still has to travel 20min. to get to Walmart the only super store in a 2 hr radius. You can't fly in anywhere close to them ect. So I got no room to talk. If you ever come out to SF tho' I promise to take you to some great bookstores, little ones, big ones, ones that have food and coffee, ones that you read in, ones that you don't, all sorts.

10:57 AM  
Blogger Eric Allen said...

Who is Milenka kidding? Compared to where we grew up her new hometown is the big city. I mean, they, like, even have a Meijer there. Like, that always puts the "big" in big city. lol. (I'm being a tad sarcastic.) But really, it isn't that bad when you compare. :) Although I do like having a major shopping area less then five minutes away. But I do miss the quiet we had up there.

BTW, about the jail bait. It's better then having the walking dead of the wrong sex hit on you. lol.

12:13 PM  
Blogger Milenka said...

Eric's right. Our hometown is in the middle of nowhere. The nearest Walmart/Kmart/etc is a 20-30 minute drive, and the nearest airport is an hour away. Mt Pleasant is a bustling metropolis in comparison, but it's still sadly small. I'm jealous of you and Eric with your fancy big cities! :-)

1:45 PM  
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