Sunday, December 26, 2004

one thing gets fixed and more about purple hair

Well at the very least we are not preg. I didn't really think that we were but when someone's luck is running weird in the house you just get to feeling like anything could happen. And hey we are doing a heck of a lot better then the people in Indonesia. BTW can you believe that? I mean woosh that could soooo happen here in CA, and it didn't. While I feel very sorry for all those people I'm very very grateful that I'm not in the middle of it. In poor taste, the history channel put out the signs of Armmagedon tonight, uh, just thinking that this was not the time to be getting the end of the world people all excited, right after like a huge earthquake that killed tons and tons of people.

Ok on to happier subjects, I dyed my hair again because you have to keep it up because it fades pretty fast. So here are some cool things I've learned about having purple hair:

1) Do it in the kitchen sink. This is a much smaller area to scrub clean which you will want to do while your hair is still wet right after rinsing. I use scrubbing bubbles (not the most environmentally friendly product) because it works.
2) Use gloves to apply don't bother with combing it thru' unless you have super long hair, on the other hand I don't suggest doing this with long hair.
3) Do put the oil over entire hair line. It won't prevent you from turning purple but it will come off faster. (like by the next day)

4) Do NOT expect that seeing is believing. Everyone will need you to tell them what they are seeing. Example:
Them" "OMG what did you do to your hair?!"
Me: "I dyed it purple"
Them: "And you cut it?"

Me: "Uh actually the lady cut my hair....."

Them: "but you dyed it?"

Me: "Yea"

Them: "On purpose?"

Me: "yep. purple dye and all"

Them: "I.... I like how you had it cut........"

5) For those of us Gastric bypass people it will be a relief because everyone will finally be talking about your hair and not about your diet or about how much weight you lost.

6) No matter how much you dress business causal, you are suddenly creative, even if you have not a single creative bone in your body.

7) You will smell like purple grape gum.

8) Don't sleep on the white pillow cases

9) Your cats will still love you and your hubby will get over it.

10) That girl that lost all that weight.... now becomes that girl with the purple hair.

That's all folks!


Blogger chasmyn said...

Actually Vaseline is the best thing to put on your hairline, because the dye won't stick to the Vaseline at all and it won't get into your skin either.

It washes out less quickly if you don't use shampoo or conditioner. Use it maybe once or twice a week instead of daily. The rest of the time just use water.

Yes, no white pillow cases.

Log into IM. I had a dream about you....

2:23 PM  
Blogger Eric Allen said...

I keep wonderin about the discovery channel and how they are running the Pompeii show. The catcher was something like, "an unstoppable wave of death silencing a living city." A little to close to what is really going on to me, I think they should postpone that show until later.

Yay purple hair, be a rebel for those of us who can't. I work for a company where part of my job is to be creative but I can't express creativity. So kudos to you!! BTW, what is a DH that you keep putting in your comments on my blog?

7:28 PM  
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