Friday, December 24, 2004

Then the car got stolen

So amongst other troubles J went out to do the laundry and his car was gone. Now when I left at 9:45 am it was sitting in front of our house. It happened on a somewhat sleepy peaceful lower middle class 'hood with an elemetry school on one side. Now I say J's car but it was mine, I mean they all have been mine in the sense that I paid for them. When it comes to J's cars we go cheap. So the person that stole this car if they are caught (not likely) is gonna go to jail for less then 1k worth of goods. If it is their 3 strike, out here that means a long long ass time in prison for less then 1k worth of goods. J feels violated and pissed off. I feel somewhat philosophical about the entire thing. See I know what it is like to be so poor and desperate that you can't even comprehend how stealing is bad. While I never stole cars I have most certainly gotten into cars that I knew were stolen. I thought back then, well if someone can afford a car to begin with they can do ok without this car. (I don't claim that my younger self was all that bright) It is hard to think how your actions may harm another person when your every day exsitance is how am I gonna eat, where am I gonna sleep, and what price am I gonna pay for those things. You don't even think of things like being safe because you never are. And one of the consquenses of that life is that I still never feel safe. So when the car got stolen it didn't feel like a volition to me, it just felt like something that happens, like a tornado or an earthquake. No sense in laminating why it happened it just did. But I'm living with someone who doesn't feel like I do right now.


Blogger chasmyn said...

Okay, I have to tell you - the word you meant to use was "lamenting" not "Laminating". I know, don't bother to correct, but I had to, because laminating is a real thing, and it means to cover something in plastic. So I HAD to. See? You still love me, right?

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