Sunday, December 19, 2004

Is there a doctor in this Hospital?

I have a hernia, a large unfriendly one. It is what they call an incisional hernia because it is caused by the tear they made in my stomach wall to do the gastric bypass. I didn't do anything to make it happen, I woke up and it was there. Suddenly once again I'm thrown into the bueacracy of our health care system. I'm confused and scared. Things went so wrong with the gastric bypass, how do I know it won't happen again?

I'm actually jealousy of my friend who is preg. NOT because she is gonna have a baby (which is cool) but because of the medical care she is getting. She has 3 people trained in caring for her that aren't even doctors. She can ask them any questions and they try to make sure that she understands the answer. She has people who will talk to her about the choices and then if she needs to go to the hospital will advocate those wishes to the hospital staff. I have two sergeants who a)insist that the gastric bypass was a success because I've lost sooo much weight, totally ignoring and dismissing the complications that came up and perhaps some of the lasting psychological damage b)want to perform a surgery that isn't covered by my health plan but negleted to tell me that until a couple of days ago c) wanted to perform said surgery in a different unfamiliar hospital d) said the worst words to me because they are the same words they said the last time "your the perfect candidate". I'm trying very hard to remember that sergeants are not very good at people skills and that I don't require that of them. But even the nurses of the one guy was scary "you coming here now?" she demands " where you at?" "you here now!" (she was friendlier in person where her demands came with a smile)

I'm wishing that we kept healers on staff. People who would sit with you and advocate for your care. Who would explain what the doctor said in simple terms and explain to the doctor your problems in a way that they understood. I think that if this process of getting what has been told to me is a needed surgery is confusing how much worse it must be to the elderly and the people with no insurance at all. When I asked if I had to have the surgery the doctors answers were confusing.....yes and no, I could live with it for some time but it might twist and it would be better to but no I didn't have to. When what I met to ask was, is there any way to treat this without surgery (there is not in one this size), which a healer would have known that and understood what I was asking.

Doctors are specialized technician, and we need them. But I'm beginning to think that at least part of the symptom of what is wrong here in the USA is at the hospitals in our country. When I say I want a doctor what I really want is a healer. I don't care so much about what degree you have, as much as I care that you figured out that I wouldn't be here unless I was scared out of my mind and sick as a dog. Then I want you to help me find that degreed person that can best help me and then make sure they do so. I think it is why people turn to alternative health pratcioners because these people make them feel cared for, and the good ones will send you to the doctor when you need it. The last time I was in the hospital for dehydration related problems, they doped me up which was fine I hurt, but then the nurse came in to give me more, and I said "no I think I'm ok" and she didn't believe me so she gave me more, while I think she had the very very best intentions it wasn't what I wanted and I was too high to be able to protect my interests and my spouse was to worried to do anything. I know I need better care, but it seems as tho' it is something that we all need.


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