Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Back and sooo much better

Well nothing like a little bit of sunshine and being fawned over by the cabana boys to make you feel like life is maybe not so bad. We went to a little place called Haltuco (sp?) which apparently is where the rich Mexicans go vacationing so it was a totally different seance then the usually tourist spots. For one thing no one treated you like a spoilt princess more like "hey this could be a nice person" which I like, because being treated like a spoilt princess really creeps me out. It also met the food was very authentic and that was much much more of a problem. Like they kept wanting to put dried bugs in my food............. I really try and be open minded I do, really, but I'm a totally bug phobic and that totally was just not good. Infact most of the food, even the sweet stuff, was not much to my liking. But the coffee............ OMG the coffee, it was like the very very very very best. With this cream that was just heaven. It was very hot and humid there. Like NJ in the middle of summer.... the only thing was because we were at the beach the breeze was almost constant. And the BEACH!!! Wow this beach gets a 5 star rating. The water was warm, clear and had sandy gold flecks in it. It was pretty much only accessible to the people of the resort so there were hardly any people on it. The sand was the soft fluffy kind not that hard coral type stuff that some beaches have. The only thing that was a real bummer is that whatever was blooming I was totally allergic to it and had to get some of the strong meds that make you drowsy meds just so that my eyes didn't swell right out of my head. So I was mostly stoned the whole time.... Oh well it was Mexico I'm sure no one noticed that I was any dumber than any other American they had run across. I got 4 new poems written only two of which I think are good but I'll probably try and work on them and let you guys see them soon. The other thing which is a bummer but I won't dwell to long on it was that as we were leaving I got bump from behind and my knee went right into the plastic part of the airplane seat at a twist and full weight. I refuse to believe that anything is so wrong that a few more days of R & R won't fix. Kidneys are doing fine.......I think......... I'm waiting to see if the doctor thinks that I should cont'd testing now that my pee is clear, I sort of think I should but... you know being poked at isn't fun at all.

On a side note. My purple hair drew a lot of comments. I guess being out of SF has it's consquenses. Some people liked it, more didn't. It gave me some perceptive of being treated different but of course with hair you have a choice............


Anonymous chasmyn said...

I'm so glad you had a good time, and I'm glad you're back!

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