Monday, March 14, 2005

Want a mouth full of words?

So my endocrinologist says I have orthostatic hypotension autonomic neuropathy and post prandial syndrome.......... which is the fancy way of saying low blood pressure and low suger. Wow what a dignoses! And to think he went school just to learn all those nice words!

Ok so anyone who has ever been around me to watch me eat........ (which is a whole 'nother subject) knows that I'm the salt queen. I love salt. Lots and lots and lots of salt. I eat salt, you know that rock sea salt stuff that you buy to put in a salt grinder? I take it out and suck on it. And my whole life everyone has been saying to me "oh you shouldn't eat so much salt because you are gonna get high blood pressure". (even had the whole "salt is why you are fat" conversation, umm right because you know salt has so many caleriors) As usual my body knew better. Apparnetly. Because the doctor says this is entirely unrelated to the WLS. And it has nothing to do with the wieght I am now. My low blood pressure he says has to do with the fact that my body isn't absorbing salt in the right way. (Before you go there, no eating a lot of salt before didn't hurt my abilty to absorb salt now) He asked if we all ate salt (like in the family) and I was like "yep we eat lots of salt, we could put a damn salt lick down and have it gone in a few days doc". So he thinks we are just built this way and that my rapid weight loss may have made it more acute but did not cause it, or that there is this link that they don't have a lot of answers for between the low blood sugar and the low blood pressure. Either way, they can only treat the symptoms. (boooo) So here is the plan, I get to take salt tablets and wear these fancy (ugly/horrible) tight thigh high sock thingys. And I need to watch my blood suger much better then I have been, so that I don't spike high and low. If that doesn't help then I go back in a month and they put me on this other stuff that helps me absorb salt, and then if that doesn't work we move on to the "new" drugs that he didn't want to try because I'm so "young" (wanna take bets that when I'm old it will be because I'm to "old"?). Ah well.


Anonymous chasmyn said...

Did you read up on autonomic neuropathy?

It is nerve damage. Caused by surgery. The BP is a symptom but it is really nerve damage. Can you sue them for this?

1:39 PM  
Blogger achromic said...

actually yes chamyn I have been reading up on it. And yes there is a definantly corlation between the gastromcy and both of the things that I've been dignosed with. I'm more prone to useing medline and pubmed (which I get to have for free at work!) and I for some reason couldn't get my computer here to recognize the artical you are linking to. I doubt I would ever sue tho' I've only done that once because a guy decided not to pay me my wages. It would take something extrodninary for me to put myself thru' that. I am however looking into some of the most aggressive currant therpy. Intersting enough it is the people in my own industry who don't want me to volenteer for anything..... but I can't be a hypocrite like that. Live by the sword... and all that shit.

4:27 PM  
Blogger She Dances in Dragon said...

Chasmyn brings up a good question(IMO).
*If* the damage was caused by sloppy or careless surgery, I would sue. Not to get rich. To cover your medical bills and lost pay and such. Also, if you were not properly informed prior to surgery that you might risk these complications, yet they're relatively common (I don't know if they are or not), then I would sue. And you know, I'm one of those people who rants all the time about frivolous and excessive lawsuits.
Sorry, I'll go opine on my own blog :)

9:55 PM  
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