Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I hurt

They did the sonciation thing and that didn't hurt..... but last night I woke up in a world of pain and off to the ER we went. THey gave me lots of drugs.... which is kind of a cute story or it would be if I hadn't been in agony. Their machine that dispense those class of drugs was broke. So me and a bunch of others were wimpering in pain while they ran down the on site pharmancy, my nurse gets back and puts the needle on the table and says "I'll be right back but this girl is having an allergic reaction" and I say to her "hurry up and take care of her, as much pain as I'm in I'm not dieing". Then the doctor comes in and says "what why havn't they medicated you" and I say to her "the other girl was having a bad reaction could she, the doctor give me the meds?" and her answer was "no" . Apperantly the woman that can crack open my chest is not allowed to give me a simple IM injection...... Needless to say I was even a bit more peeved because they wanted to put the IV in before they admistered the drug and I know how hard it is to get a line into me. SO I watched as this nurse who was WAAAYY over worked (she seemed to be the only one there with about 7 beds) tried to tap these already rolling to thin veins. Finally I was like "just put it in my tush and then fine the line" Which she did. This helped until I got home......... in which the pain came back and I started to have the dry heaves only this time I was so drugged that I just finished with the heaves and went back to sleep. This morning I was fine, but now I'm not again....... so I called and said "hey how about you give me some better drugs so I don't end up in the ER again tonight?" and fortunatly that is what they are gonna do. Peace out.