Tuesday, January 24, 2006

So I am asked

Grannygrump ask

"Is there no experimental group to help with the pain?"

I know I could stick with the short answer but it's my blog I can do what I want, and GG is always so good nature I am sure she will not mind.

Yes GG and No. See short! LOL ok ok for the real answer.

I am going to join a group GG in Feb. that is going to help with the "pain" er sort of. It is a movement and physiological group. I am not sure that it's goals a line with mine. It seems to be geared towards detox and return you to work....... Which I want very badly......... but I am not sure of that is actually what I can do. Never the less I plan on participation as much as possible.

As for there being an experimental pain clinic that trys all the lastest and greatest new stuff out. Ummmm not for my kind of pain. See I have a physcal reason root for my pain so they keep tell me, so it isn't like many other chronic pain conditions. I wish I could remember all the gobbly gook words they tell me. But the bottom line is that I am a minority with in a minority, I am not rare but not often. And they do have a solution....... don't have any more surgeries on your stomach muscles....... and they do have better meds for some people but they contain sulfa so I can't take them. They had a great one called Voixx but once again the USA gov. decided that I couldn't choose between my pain and the chance of a heartattack/stroke........ Of course BC has at least the SAME amount of danger but not getting preg. is more important. And there IS a great pain reliever for this kind of pain that is not an opiate....... it is called POT....... but once again the USA gov. think I am better addicted to opiates and they have done such a good job at sliming POT that my spouse and my mother think I am better off on opiates too. OOO right I am not "addicted" what is the code phrase this year "physcailly necessary" maybe I donno I tried to look it up but no luck. Doesn't matter it taste like addiction for darn sure. ...... well so er {blush} umm I have no idea where I was taking this tirade I forget..... so sorry cat wanted on my lap and I got some coffee and now it is all a blank.

Any way I open the floor please ask questions I will do my best tho I may have to ask my doctors (which is GREAT) . My current regime is a psychologist/pyschratist , physcal therapist, and a MD/DO, but I don't always see each one every week it is actually pretty hap hazard. I hate the physiologist but she is like 12 and oooo so hopeful that everything will turn out just fine {rolls eyes} but youth is like that and she can do no harm unlike the others, the physcal therapist is a worrier and I think she would have me off everything and running a mile a day if she could (I like her), and my MD/DO is ..... well she seems very knowledgeable if not sometimes confusing I am very very afraid of doctors right now so not all of my feelings towards her are justified. It is a bad pain day......... but they all are these days......... I swear if I could just go digging inside myself I could take out what hurts (yes that is crazy talk I know and I am not gonna do that) so please asks something if just to distract me for a moment...... don't be shy, religion, politc's, health, personal crap, ANYTHING ....... it would be a mitisva


Anonymous Jeanette1ca said...

Actually, if I though P0t would do something for your pain, I would be all for it. It's just that my experience (based on my experience and your dad's experience)is that all it does is increase your appetite and decrease your will power. And having less discipline and more sitting around eating and gaming would probably not increase your chances of getting back to work.

I do think your doctors ought to be able to prescribe it, and you ought to be able to test it to see what the effect would be on your type of pain. Everyone's body is unique in how it responds to chemicals and to other therapies, making controlled experimentation the only way to know for sure what will work for you.

I just hope one of their "legal" experiments will work!!!!

Love, Mom

10:06 AM  
Blogger achromic said...

Ummm mom, so with you vast experance in opaites you think that they make a preson have MORE will power then pot? :) Come on! Now..... silly... the only thing the opaites do is not make me hungry but I certianly do not have ANY will power on them. And the opaites are FAR more addictive then pot. And I think pot might allow me to work AND be on it far better then the opaites which have had me nodding in the bathroom back when they insisted I COULD work and be in pain.

I don't think I will be "testing" it tho'...... at least not right now. Maybe if Kasier hits a dead end I will be forced to do something more. I hope to be "cured" before that.

2:00 PM  
Blogger GrannyGrump said...

achromic, in your shoes I think I'd be toking down! Maybe you need to move to Amsterdam!

3:53 PM  

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