Monday, March 06, 2006

Er............... so that western medicine stuff really isn't all that?

You have to understand I am a facts kind of girl. I am that way because when I was little there was a lot of manipulating reality going on (some by me, some by others), in our family real was only real if you talked about it, if you didn't well then....... it was up in the air. If I hadn't been dyslexic I probably would have gone into math............ not many people know that but me and this old math teacher in 9th grade had something going....... MATH duh where are your heads at? Anyways it went from my least favorite subject to my most. He showed me another way of looking at the world and it was the first time that the world couldn't be moved buy someone's feelings only the facts. Unfortunately by the time I met that math teacher I was already half way to hell and he couldn't stop that downward trend anymore then anyone else did. BUT it still changed my life. I couldn't keep no. in my head, or remember how to do formulas....... na srry dyslexic kicks my ass around on that stuff......... but I started to respect science and theories, figuring out hypotheses. I became a lover of science....... what I think of as the REAL world. So when I got fat even tho I swore my calorie intake wasn't that high I went to science to fix it ......... and when after numerous surgeries I found myself where I am now...... IN pain 24/7. BUT something is starting to work......... Kaiser decided to send me to this pain clinic where I thought I would be getting a lot more science.............. but no.......... I am learning how to do accupressure and I am getting acupuncture......... I am learning about mindful breathing and several different meditation tech. ............. and it is working. OOO no I am not out of pain....... nor do I at this point see me going back to my very physical job, but it is working the pain is less and I am able to handle my life a little bit better because of learning some of this stuff. It feels werid to have doctors give up after only a year...... and not even like they looked very much or very hard I mean I had 5 surgeries on real actual stuff not on anything that accupressure is gonna take care of. BUT to be able to have the tools to fight even one pain flare is amazing. To be able to do something all by myself to affect the pain is amazing.... and it isn't like this is science....... no they got no explantations for why some things work for some people. And like I said it isn't like it just goes away I gotta really work at getting my pain to go away and sometimes it doesn't go....... but I have had it work 3 or 4 times now so I am begining to believe.


Blogger Val said...

I'm so glad you are making some sort of progress, Achro...
I'm working up my big "cancer" post myself, hope to have something up by the end of the week.
I've had a few acupuncture treatments for my chronic sinus/allergy crud which really did seem to help; now if I could only go on a more consistent basis! (he's about 55 mi from my house which is somewhat problematic) I also had an interesting experience w/Reiki...

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